About Us

Sattva is a centre of authentic yogic learning in the city of Kolkata, India; it preserves the traditional essence of yoga along with all modern facilities . Equal emphasis is given on Raj yog, Hatha yog, Jnan yog , Karma yog, Bhakti yog & Mantra yog . Yoga enthusiasts from all over the World come to Sattva for authentic yogic learning . The studio provides a very dedicated yogic environment with regular classes of practical Yoga asanas & Pranayams , as well as weekly classes on Meditation. Discourses on Adwaita Vedanta Darshana, study of Upanishads, Yog shastras are also held at Sattva. The studio maintains a very high standard of teaching with all trainers certified as per Govt of India regulations.

Yoga with The Indian Military

Sattva yoga center feels proud to teach yoga to the Indian Military personnel on 4th International Yoga Day .

Corporate Yoga & Stress Management

Stress is one of the major problems of corporate life ,sattva yoga Centre conducts corporate yoga & stress management programme at leading corporates, some of our clients include Indian Oil , Haldia Petrochemicals etc.

Vedanta Jnan Yajna

Every year Sattva yoga center organizes Vedanta Jnan Yajna discourse sessions for the study of Upanishads, Bhagvad Geeta & Yoga shastras. H.H. Sreemat Swami Sharvananda Giri Maharaj ji from Uttarkashi Himalayas bless this occasion with his enlightening discourses.