Corporate Yoga & Stress Management Programme

About Corporate Yoga

  • A healthy corporate environment is a stress-free work milieu, every corporate organization should be involved in ensuring physical and mental wellbeing of its employees. All over the world leading corporate institutions are engaging their employees in yoga and wellness programme to reduce stress, increase productivity and to promote a positive work culture.

  • Sattva Yoga center is the pioneer in this field of corporate yoga & stress management programme. Since last 6yrs Sattva Yoga centre has conducted Corporate Yoga & Stress Management programme at different leading corporate organizations.

  • The programme is designed to address the physical and psychological stress one has to undergo in a stiff competitive corporate world, some of the programme highlights are – introduction to simple on the desk stress management techniques, on the desk yoga, breath and relaxation techniques.

  • The Corporate Yoga & Stress- Management programme conducted by Sattva Yoga centre focus on Relaxation, Rejuvenation & Re- focusing.

  • The Programme helps increase productivity, creativity, energy and positive attitude of the participants.

  • The most unique feature of the programme is it can be customized according to time and space limitations of the corporate organizations.

  • Awareness Talks on Health & lifestyle Management , dietary advice, easy key to Happiness all are essential part of this Programme.

  • Sattva welcomes your organization to experience this blissful journey of yoga, say yes to Happiness & good -bye to Stress, embrace health & positive attitude, re-energize yourself to achieve your dreams.

  • Sattva yoga center holds corporate yoga & stress management sessions at different corporates . Yoga Vacations & Health Awareness Camps are also organized .

The sessions include :

  • Yoga on the desk
  • Stretch & Relax
  • Breathe & recharge
  • Spinal care
  • Dynamic & static Asanas
  • Meditation & Mind Management
  • Lifestyle & Dietary advices.

Corporate Yoga & Stress Management sessions of Sattva have been held at -

  • Indian Oil Corporation
  • Haldia Petrochemicals
  • Citi tech
  • SREI
  • Netscribes
  • IBMR
  • Matrix International