Do I need a prior appointment to join sattva yoga studio?

Yes, particularly if you have any health issue & looking for therapeutic/rehabilitation yoga . People without any health issues looking for general fitness and flexibility classes can join without appointment.

What do I need to carry for admission process?

Admission process is very simple, just carry a passport photo, any id proof , admission fees +monthly enrollment fees.

Can I join the studio any time of the month?

Yes, you can.

Can I do a few trial classes before I take admission?

We donot have trial class facility.

Can I enjoy flexible timing ?

Sattva yoga centre offers 11 classes per day, you can drop in at any of these classes any day of the week.

Can I do meditation only?

The teacher will decide that, take an appointment to meet him.

Which school of yoga is this?

The traditional Sanatan Dharma yoga is non duality. The many schools are just the different paths to one destination. The emphasis of sattva yoga studio classes are on Hatha yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras and Bandhas. The path of Raj Yoga is also emphasized upon with regular Jnan yoga classes.

Will I be taught from basics ? Can I learn Yoga theory also ?

Yes all new members are taught from basic, Yoga theory & practical both are taught at Sattva.

Are the trainers qualified themselves?

Yes , we maintain very high standards in our training , all trainers are certified as per Govt of India rules.