General Yoga Class for Fitness & Flexibility

About General Yoga Classes

  • The General Yoga classes of Sattva yoga centre are designed for people who have no health problems and are looking for overall fitness and flexibility.

  • General Yoga classes of Sattva are extremely popular as it helps promote fitness , flexibility, maintain a good cardio vascular health & ensures a healthy life.

  • The sessions are conducted by certified yoga trainers under the guidance of Yog Acharya Sri. Suvaditya Gupta.

The sessions include :

  • Chalan kriyas
  • Yogic streatching
  • Loosening exercises / cardio vascular exercises.
  • Hatha yogic asanas
  • Hatha yogic pranayama


  • Admission : INR.1000
  • Only Yoga & Pranayam : INR.2000/Month
  • Yoga + Pranayam + Meditation + Stress Management : INR.3000/Month
  • Couple Membership (Yoga + Pranayam + Meditation + Stress Management) : INR.5000/Month

Admission Requirements

  • Passport Photo
  • Any Identity Proof (Xerox)
  • Admission fees + Monthly fees

Discount Offer

  • General Yoga
    Six Months Package INR.2000 per month x 6 months = INR.12000
    Pay only INR.10000 Save INR.2000

  • General Yoga with meditation and stress management
    Six Months Package INR.3000 per month x 6 months = INR.18000
    Pay only INR.15000 Save INR.3000

  • Couple Membership
    Three Months Package INR.5000 x 3 = INR.15000
    Pay only INR.12000 Save INR.3000


  • If I have any health problems can i attend the general yoga classes?

    No if anyone has a health problem they need to join the therapeutic yoga classes of sattva, once the problem is controlled or cured then they can join the general yoga classes.

  • Will I be taught from basics?


  • Do I need appointment for admission ?

    No, for general yoga class admission you can come for admission on any day

Note – Studio remains closed for any information or official work during Meditation class timing.



“Yoga & meditation at sattva is amazing , I feel positive & strong” - Ellen Tomsett

“I feel more healthy in body & mind after I started doing yoga.” - Prabir Biswas