International Yoga Classes

About International Yoga Students

  • Yoga enthusiasts from all over the world have chosen Sattva Yoga centre as a place for authentic yogic learning.

  • International Guests visiting Kolkata often attend yoga, Pranayam, Meditation classes at Sattva.

  • All classes for international students are held in English.

  • Yoga classes are often customized as per the need of the students visiting India for short time.

  • Equal focus on the spiritual & physical aspects of yoga.

  • Exposure to Ancient Indian Yogic scriptures.

  • Vedic Mantra Chantings.

  • Talks on Yogic way of life.

  • Meditation in Motion.

  • Qualified Faculty & personal attention.

  • Experience deep meditations, Learn the secret of yogic breathing.

  • Talks on Yoga sutras & Vedanta.

  • Visit to Himalayas for yogic & Vedic studies at Ashram .

  • Spiritual retreats at Himalayas.


“Yoga & meditation at sattva is amazing , I feel positive & strong”

- Ellen Tomsett

She is from New Zealand, has been attending yoga classes at sattva for last one month, she is very regular for her yoga sessions and also started her meditation classes, she has noticed a remarkable difference in her body and mind after starting yoga at Sattva yoga centre, more calmness, and a positive mindset with physical benefits of fitness and flexibility, she is enjoying every bit of it at Sattva.