Meditation & Stress Management Classes

The experience of yoga reaches its blissful culmination in Meditation, Meditation is that stage of yoga in which the the divine bliss is experienced ; and it is one of those rare moments of life when the mind is calm and free from disturbances, without any external influence the mind rejoice in its true self, the cessation of fluctuating thought waves is the aim of yoga, and it can be well achieved through meditation.

Sattva Yoga centre is very popular for its meditation classes , stress management is also achieved through different meditative process. The studio pioneers in Meditation & Stress Management sessions , every week there r Meditation and Stress Management classes . One who regularly does yoga & Pranayam are eligible for Meditation & Stress Management sessions. Modern research has proved the efficacy of the ancient yogic science of meditation in healing the body and mind. Every week there are a number of Meditation and Stress Management sessions where qualified experts lead the participants to a calm stress free state of being. All the teachers at Sattva are qualified as per Govt of India rules.


  • Admission : INR.1000
  • Monthly : INR.2500

Admission Requirements

  • Passport Photo
  • Any Identity Proof (Xerox)
  • Admission fees + Monthly fees

Note – Studio remains closed for any information or official work during Meditation class timing.


Discount Offer

  • Six Months Package INR.2500 x 6 = INR.15000
    Pay only INR.12000 Save INR.3000


“I was restless and had anger issues, but could come out of it” - Nandini Banerjee

“Meditation @ Sattva Yoga Studio helped me come out of stress” - Shipra Paul