Online Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Sattva Yoga Centre offers Online yoga & Meditation classes in English, Hindi & Bengali. The classes are very popular with people from different countries. Many classes are conducted through out the day members can join any session as per their convenience, timing is flexible.

Online General Yoga classes

These Classes are for people who do not have any health problems or diseases and are looking for general fitness & flexibility.

Class highlights

  • Chalan kriyas(warmups)
  • Fast paced Yoga Asanas
  • Hatha Yogic asanas
  • Hatha Yogic Pranayamas.

Online Therapeutic Yoga classes

These classes are for people who have any health problems, some diseases, not so flexible or fit, age related disabilities.
Members can do these classes sitting on chair also

Class highlights

  • Therapeutic slow-paced Yoga Asanas
  • Stretching & Breathing Coordination
  • Body Joints mobility
  • Neurological health
  • Relaxation Therapies
  • Therapeutic Pranayama

Online Meditation & Stress Management classes

These classes are for people who want to go deep into the experience of yoga. At the physical level meditation helps us

manage stress, anxiety, depression as well it helps cure many diseases. At the subtle level it helps us develop spiritually, become more peaceful, calm, compassionate & disciplined.

Class highlights

  • Increased feeling of peace & bliss
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Spiritual experience
  • Improved communication
  • Emotional balance

Online One to one classes

These classes are customized as per the requirement of the members, depending on their particular health issues, age, etc Qualified & experienced teachers lead the classes .

Class highlights

  • Individual attention
  • Customized yoga regime
  • Classes in English/ Hindi/ Bengali
  • Disease specific yoga protocol
  • Experienced qualified trainers


  • 1. How can I do the classes?

    The Online Yoga Classes are held through Google meet, you can access Google Meet through your Gmail account or download it on your phone. once you complete enrollment you are added to a Whatsaap group then you will receive link in the group before every class.

  • 2. How do I enroll for the classes?

    You can enroll online through the payment system in the website, bank transfer or directly at the yoga studio (with prior appointment).

  • 3. Do I need to send enrollment details to the studio?

    Yes, on completion of enrollment please notify the yoga studio through a Whatsaap and sceenshot of your payment. Your payment must carry your name & details of programme you are choosing.

  • 4. Are the timing flexible?

    Yes, you can choose any timing any day as per your comfort.

  • 5. Doing yoga for first time, will I be able to learn?

    The classes are very simple designed by highly qualified yoga professionals, if you are doing yoga for the first time then inform the trainer on your first class, they will take note of that, go slow for first few sessions, if you are not that fit & flexible join therapeutic yoga for a month and then shift to general yoga classes.

  • 6. Are the trainers qualified?

    Sattva Yoga Centre maintains very high quality of classes, all the trainers are qualified as per Govt. Of India regulations.

  • 7. Can I do a trial session before joining?

    Yes, trial sessions are available against payment, kindly see fees structure. Once you pay for the trial class please notify the studio authorities through whatsaap and they will allow you for a trial class.

  • 8. Can I do yoga during menstrual cycle or sickness?