“I'm extremely happy to share my experience of doing the Online Classes at SattvaYoga Centre”

- Sourav Mukherjee

He was suffering from migraine could easily come out of it after attending Sattva Yoga Online classes.

“I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis 3yrs back, I could not walk, sleep or sit without pain, after learning yoga @ Sattva Yoga studio I feel completely normal.”

- Ahinsak Mukherjee

Ahinsak Mukherjee is a young engineer was suffering from ankylosing spondylitis but after yoga sessions at Sattva he can now lead a painless normal life without any medicine.

“Yoga & meditation at sattva is amazing , I feel positive & strong”

- Ellen Tomsett

She is from New Zealand, has been attending yoga classes at sattva for last one month, she is very regular for her yoga sessions and also started her meditation classes, she has noticed a remarkable difference in her body and mind after starting yoga at Sattva yoga centre, more calmness, and a positive mindset with physical benefits of fitness and flexibility, she is enjoying every bit of it at Sattva.

“My diabetes & gout got cured through yoga at Sattva”

- Hiranyagarbha Mukhapadhyay

He was suffering from arthritis, gout, and diabetes joined the sattva yoga center after getting frustrated with all other available treatments and medicines. He practiced therapeutic yoga under our guidance and in 3 months saw improvements. Now he is totally fit and healthy. He is sharing his healing experience at Sattva.

“Meditation & yoga has made me a different person, I am more positive and have cured my arthritis”

- Bela Katyal

She has been doing yoga at Sattva Yoga centre for last 5 yrs and when she came she had severe arthritis problem, could not sit on the ground and had difficulty in climbing stairs, after learning yoga at Sattva yoga centre she is much better now, she does more than 12 rounds of surya namaskar every day at Sattva and attends her meditation sessions very regularly, she is now fit and peaceful, she enjoys the bliss of yoga @ Sattva every day.

“I was restless and had anger issues, but could come out of it”

- Nandini Banerjee

Nandini Banerjee has been learning yoga at sattva could overcome her anger issues and restless mind after regular meditation classes ,She also shares her experience of doing yoga classes at Sattva. The specialized attention and care she gets at Sattva is unparallel.

“I feel more healthy in body & mind after I started doing yoga.”

- Prabir Biswas

Ex-Indian Railway employee Mr.Biswas was suffering from IBS & High BP but he has seen a marked improvement in his physical & mental health after starting Yoga at Sattva .

“Sattva Yoga Studio helped me come out of depression”

- Srichandra Samanta

Srichandra Samanta was severely suffering from depression and other health problems, could come out of her problems in a short time after the therapeutic yoga classes at sattva.

“I have said good bye to arthritis and pain”

- Shyama Sengupta

Shyama Sengupta was suffering from arthritis and could not spend a day without pain , after a lot of treatments she came to sattva yoga studio and within a short time she has recovered completely. She thanks all the teacher’s of sattva for making yoga such a wonderful journey for her.

“My frozen shoulder got cured”

- Chirasree Bhattacharya

Chirasree Bhattacharya is a teacher and was suffering from frozen shoulder and other hormonal issues. She is perfectly fit now after doing regular yoga classes at Sattva yoga studio.

“My IBS & depression cured completely at Sattva”

- Seema Choudhury

Seema Choudhury was suffering from digestive problems and had undergone many medical treatments but to no avail, she was also suffering from depression due to her health problems. She feels completely cured and healthy today after joining Sattva Yoga Studio. She also enjoys the Meditation classes at Sattva.

“Meditation @ Sattva Yoga Studio helped me come out of stress”

- Shipra Paul

Her 6yrs journey of yoga at Sattva has been a wonderful one, her problem with digestion got cured, stress issues are pacified, she can control her mind better now.

“Therapeutic Yoga @ sattva cured my lumber & cervical spondylitis”

- Nisha Bajaj

She was suffering from cervical & lumbar spondylitis, was asked not to sit on the ground or prohibited from forward bending by medical experts, but she chose Sattva Yoga center, she practiced Therapeutic Yoga classes under our guidance and now leads a completely normal life and does 30 Surya Namaskar every day.

“My spondylitis got cured”

- Arpana Dutt

She was suffering from acute spondylitis for many years came out of her problem after yoga classes at Sattva. She shares her healing experience of yoga at Sattva