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Yoga is India’s gift to mankind , the origin of yoga is traced to the Vedas & Upanishads. The word Yoga means union; the union of the Jeevatma & Paramatma . As a discipline yoga is more than 10,000 years old, Lord Shiva is the first Guru of yoga. This ancient Indian science and art of lifestyle management is much sought after in modern times as a panacea to all lifestyle problems be it physical, psychological, or social. We remain heavily indebted to the ancient Indian Rishis for having done enormous research on yoga to develop such a vast gamut of knowledge which can be used for both spiritual and material upliftment till today.


Online Yoga classes

Sattva Yoga centre offers Online Yoga & Meditation classes . Online yoga classes are a regular feature of sattva yoga centre. General yoga classes for fitness & Therapeutic yoga classes for diseases are conducted online by experienced & certified trainers. Online Meditation classes are conducted by qualified yog acharya. Sattva yoga online classes are very popular and people from different countries join in the sessions. During the pandemic stay healthy & increase your immunity through regular yoga classes . Join sattva online yoga classes from the comforts of your home. A blissful journey of yoga awaits you at Sattva.

Corporate Yoga & Stress Management Programme

A healthy corporate environment is a stress-free work milieu, every corporate organization should be involved in ensuring physical and mental wellbeing of its employees. All over the world leading corporate institutions are engaging their employees in yoga and wellness programme to reduce stress, increase productivity and to promote a positive work culture.

Sattva Yoga center is the pioneer in this field of corporate yoga & stress management programme. Since last 6yrs Sattva Yoga centre has conducted Corporate Yoga & Stress Management programme at different leading corporate organizations.

Corporate Yoga Class

Classes at Yoga Studio

General yoga class for fitness & flexibility

The General Yoga classes of Sattva yoga centre are designed for people who have no health problems and are looking for...

Therapeutic & Rehabilitation Yoga Classes

In contemporary world yoga has emerged as an effecIn contemporary world yoga has emerged as an effective...

Meditation & Stress Management classes

The experience of yoga reaches its blissful culmination in Meditation, Meditation is that stage of yoga...

International Yoga Classes

Yoga enthusiasts from all over the world have chosen Sattva Yoga centre as a place for authentic yogic learning....

Spiritual Yoga Classes

Sattva is a centre of authentic yogic knowledge, we adopt a holistic approach to yoga, all the aspects of yoga...


On the occasion of 4th International Yoga Day SATTVA YOGA CENTER had the privilege to teach yoga to the indian military personnel & their families . A week long workshop was held by sattva yoga centre for army personnel , their families & children .